Overview of methods for effectively getting rid of papillomas on the penis

Papillomas are epidermal viral formations. Favorite location - genitals, the area around the anus. Removal of papillomas on the penis is carried out by a specialist using devices or drug therapy.

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Reasons for the appearance on the penis

HPV is considered the main cause of growths on the body. The favorite localization of genital warts is associated with sexual transmission of infection. Pathology spreads from carriers of the disease to healthy people. The papillomavirus penetrates the mucous membranes of the internal and external genital organs. HPV multiplies within epithelial cells using normal cellular DNA, triggering cell proliferation.

Papillomatous infection is asymptomatic. The growths appear in intimate places under the influence of provoking factors:

  1. Chronic diseases in the acute stage.
  2. Hormonal disorders (endocrine diseases, adolescence).
  3. Taking hormonal medications - anabolic steroids and anabolic steroids.
  4. Stressful situations, hypothermia.
  5. Dermatological problems.
  6. Recurrence of papillomatous infection.
  7. History of STIs.
  8. Frequent change of sexual partners.

In men, papillomas are located on the foreskin, the head of the penis, and the scrotum. During physical contact, mechanical damage to the growths occurs. It is accompanied by bleeding, intense pain.

Timely diagnosis and treatment of the disease will help to avoid complications.

Features of removing papillomas on the penis

Most men are embarrassed to address a delicate problem to a specialist, endure discomfort during intercourse and urination. Some try to heal the problem on their own at home. Doctors recommend not to run the disease.

Today, there are many methods for removing papillomas. The procedures are quick and painless. If the patient is afraid to remove the growths on the penis with hardware techniques, you can try a medication way to solve the problem. The methods of treatment are selected by a specialist, taking into account the indications and contraindications for the manipulation.

The fight against human papillomavirus infection should be carried out in a comprehensive manner. Hardware methods remove external signs. Immunomodulators, vitamin complexes increase the body's defenses.


Laser removal of abnormal growths on the penis is a popular way to get rid of the external manifestations of the disease. It is a safe and non-traumatic method of treating papillomas.

To get the maximum result from the procedure, you should start a hypoallergenic diet in 2 weeks, give up bad habits. Do not sunbathe in the sun or in a solarium. Before the procedure, it is advisable to take a blood test, urine test, and, if necessary, other research methods. Additionally, you may need to consult a urologist, dermatologist.

The procedure is carried out in a specialized clinic in 5-10 minutes. The patient first receives local anesthesia. Then the doctor aims the laser at the pathological area. Laser beams steam and stratify the formation. The maximum time spent on one papilloma is about a minute. After the procedure, a wound remains, which is sealed with a plaster. Immediately after removal, the patient is released home.

The positive characteristics of laser cryodestruction include:

  1. Does not leave scars, gross deformations of the skin.
  2. Treatment of papillomas on the head of the penis does not take much time.
  3. It is possible to adjust the laser power according to the shape, size, and depth of the element.
  4. The procedure is sterile, excludes infection with other infections.
  5. Suitable for removing papillomas in sensitive areas (genital area, on the penis).
  6. The procedure does not cause bleeding.
  7. There is no age limit. Suitable for elderly people with various systemic diseases, children.
  8. Healing of the pathological area occurs in 1 week - no scars or gross deformations of the skin remain.
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Cryosurgery is a branch in medicine that is aimed at removing benign formations of the skin and internal organs. The growth of any localization is frozen under the influence of liquid nitrogen. The substance causes the formation of ice crystals inside abnormal cells. Dehydration of the growth on the penis negatively affects the molecular biochemical cellular processes. The papilloma gradually dries up and disappears after 3-7 days. The skin becomes clean, without deformations.

The method has a number of advantages over other techniques:

  1. The focus of cryodestruction does not affect the surrounding tissues. After the procedure, a slight perifocal inflammation may remain around the pathological focus. The reaction does not affect the patient's well-being.
  2. The person will not feel pain. Under the influence of liquid nitrogen, the destruction of sensitive nerve endings occurs.
  3. The procedure does not cause negative consequences. Bleeding, wound suppuration, inflammatory changes do not develop.
  4. Due to the high resistance of blood vessels, even under the influence of low temperatures, they are able to recover to their normal state. You can not be afraid to carry out treatment close to the vessels.
  5. Cryodestruction eliminates skin growths on the penis and activates the local immunity of the body.
  6. Complications rarely develop.

The skin at the site of the cryodestructive effect is completely restored in 1-2 weeks.

The negative aspects of the procedure include:

  • does not apply to hard-to-reach areas of the body;
  • does not remove large papillomas.

Radio wave method

The radio wave method is a promising replacement for surgical treatment. The procedure consists in exposing the pathological focus to high frequency radio waves. They heat abnormal tissues on the penis to high temperatures. Cell decay occurs.

Radio wave surgery has the following positive characteristics:

  1. Does not cause pain. High-frequency waves coagulate nerve endings, prevent muscles from spasm. To prevent the patient from worrying about possible discomfort, local anesthetics are administered to him.
  2. The tissue incision guarantees the complete integrity of the surrounding dermis.
  3. There are no bacterial complications. Radio waves create antiseptic conditions in the wound. Healing takes place in a short period of time.

Scars do not form after the removal procedure. The papilloma is excised using the method. Healthy tissues are not affected. A new, unchanged layer of skin grows at the site of the wart.


Surgical removal of skin growths is a proven and effective treatment. The doctor uses a conventional scalpel. The specific localization of the papilloma requires careful and responsible work of the surgeon.

Surgery is performed under local anesthesia. The operating area is treated with antiseptic drugs. The doctor cuts out the pathological element on the penis.

The positive aspects of surgical treatment include:

  • the procedure takes a small amount of time;
  • does not cause burns.

Among the negative sides are:

  • non-observance of the rules of asepsis can lead to inflammatory reactions in the postoperative area. A bacterial infection often joins;
  • after surgery, there is a high likelihood of scarring.

Disposal methods at home

According to statistics, 50-60% of men do not go to medical institutions when they find growths on the penis. Traditional recipes and medications can help in this situation.

In nature, there are plants that have a cauterizing effect. They get rid of papillomas in a couple of weeks. At the pharmacy, you can buy drugs to get rid of growths on the penis at home. Antiviral, immunomodulatory drugs, cauterizing ointments and creams - an incomplete list of medicines to combat genital warts.

Pharmacy preparations

Preparations for the removal of papillomas on the penis are available in the form of a gel, solution, tablets. The most suitable remedy will be recommended by a specialist.

Folk remedies

Celandine juice removes pathological growths. Instead of fresh herbs, you can use a homemade ointment. It is prepared from dried leaves, which are added to any cream and lubricated with papillomas.

Young walnut infusion helped to get rid of a delicate problem for many patients. To prepare the recipe, you need a half-liter jar, fruits chopped through a meat grinder and kerosene. Fill the container up to half with nuts. Add kerosene. The medicinal drug should stand for 3 weeks in a dark place. When the infusion is ready, you should lubricate the growths on the penis several times a day.

Old leaves of Kalanchoe, aloe can be attached to the papillomas. For convenience, they are attached with a plaster. Walk for 4-8 hours. It is recommended to lubricate with rowan juice 3-4 r / d.

Treatment prognosis and possible complications

The penetration of the virus into the human body always ends with the chronization of the process. The danger of the condition consists in the development of complications:

  1. Papillomas often accompany malignant tumors. Science knows about 170 types of virus. Among them, there are two types of HPV: high and low oncogenic risk. Infection with the first type indicates the presence of oncology. Typical symptoms include a change in the color and shape of the growth. The tumor grows rapidly in size.
  2. After a papilloma injury, a bacterial infection can join. Pus begins to stand out from the pathological focus. The growth on the penis becomes hyperemic, deformed.
  3. A common complication is bleeding. It occurs as a result of mechanical damage and is accompanied by severe pain syndrome.