For what reasons are papillomas formed?

the girl examines the papilloma on her hand

Not a single person will be happy if his appearance deteriorates by some serious ailment, for example, papillomas.

These formations can not only spoil the mood, but also entail much more serious consequences, especially if the medical complex is not implemented in a timely manner.

However, if you have become hostage to these warty growths, you shouldn't be upset.

According to statistical indicators, this problem is painful for 10% of the world's inhabitants, and these seals can be localized in any part of the body - on the stomach, under the arm, on the arms and legs, on the body, face and even neck.

So, why papillomas appear, and who is to blame for their manifestation on the human body - we will consider in this article.

Brief description of formations and their nature

Papillomas are skin growths that can be of various sizes, shapes, numbers. Most often they are warty formations, regardless of the area of placement. To get an accurate answer to the question "why papillomas appear", you need to familiarize yourself with their detailed characteristics.

More than 90% of the lesions are benign, transformation into a malignant tumor is unlikely, although neglect of treatment can cause such complications.

Warts of this kind can occur in the area of the surfaces of the skin, as well as in the area of the mucous membranes. The main causative factor in the formation of papillomas is the virus of the same name - HPV, which "lives" in the human body.

Gradation depending on the virus strain

the doctor examines the papilloma on the body

So, why papillomas grow - the answer is quite simple, the fault is the human papillomavirus, which enters the body when it is infected and manifests itself as skin growths with a general weakening of immunity.

Doctors today isolate more than 100 possible types of this virus, and all of them act as the cause of papillomas.

Most often, during the diagnosis, several types of formations are determined, which are different in size and other characteristics:

  • common warts - appear due to the penetration of the virus types 2 and 4 into the skin cells, are formed in the area of the hands, knees, usually manifest themselves in childhood;
  • flat warty formations are formed due to the activation of strain 3, 10, 28, have a round shape and do not rise above the skin surface, skin lesions and a severe itching sensation act as symptoms;
  • plantar warts appear from the action of the first HPV strain, such growths occur mainly in the sole area and look like dry corn in appearance, as they develop, they acquire a crust in the form of a rim, cause pain;
  • filamentous warts occur due to the progression of strains 2, 7, most often such growths affect women in old age, have a peculiar shape, due to which they are often injured;
  • genital warts are manifested due to the progression of HPV, belonging to types 6 and 11, growths are formed in the groin area, as well as on the mucous membranes of the penis.

Now we have considered why papillomas of each type appear, and what strains they are caused by.

Where does the virus begin

There are three main ways of occurrence of the papilloma virus, the causes and modes of transmission are as follows:

  • genital tract;
  • household way;
  • vertical.

The main source of the emergence of a focus of infection in a new body is unprotected sex, while the partner can only act as a carrier of the virus, or he himself can suffer from the manifested disease. This direction of infection accounts for about 80% of all cases. During intercourse, injuries occur on the mucous membranes, through which the human papillomavirus is introduced into the body. It is in this way that the most dangerous strains are transmitted.

There is a possibility of infection through the contact-household method. In this case, papillomas have the following causes: handshake, "skin to skin", hugs, kisses, the use of personal belongings of an infected person, which include bedding, personal hygiene items. If a person likes to visit public places such as swimming pools, baths, saunas, there is a high risk of acquiring this virus. If the environment is humid, the disease is active for a longer period of time, which aggravates the situation.

The human papillomavirus can have completely different causes, especially when it comes to the smallest inhabitants of the planet. In childhood, the baby gets an infection from its mother at birth, when it moves through the infected birth canal. Often, HPV is transmitted to children from their own parents, but not vertically, but in a contact-household way. The reasons for the appearance are the same as with this method of infection (use of common personal hygiene products, hugs).

What are the causative factors of the onset of formations

Carriage can last for a long time and not even be accompanied by certain signs. This lasts until the immune system malfunctions. As soon as weakening occurs, a build-up or several pieces are formed.

There are several causal factors for which immunity decreases. They can be general for both sexes, or they can be private for men and women. The most common prerequisites for a deterioration in the state of immunity include the following phenomena:

  • digestive problems;
  • progression of infectious diseases;
  • difficulties in terms of metabolism (metabolism);
  • prolonged and uncontrolled medication intake;
  • lack of vitamins due to poor quality nutrition;
  • insufficient sleep, stress, depressive conditions.

If a growth or several growths appear, this is a clear sign that the virus has activated. During this time, he could "silently" be in the body, and then manifest in one form or another, depending on the resulting strain. In any case, it is imperative to identify the causes, and treatment will be the next step. Only a specialist will be able to establish the damaging factor and prescribe a diagnostic complex.

Causes of the appearance of formations in women

a woman is upset by the appearance of papillomas on her body

The main prerequisites for the development of these growths and seals over the skin are the following factors:

  • changes in hormonal levels against the background of menopause, pregnancy, lactation;
  • promiscuous sex life (it leads to genital warts);
  • taking oral contraceptives;
  • progression of gynecological diseases;
  • non-observance of the rules of personal hygiene, including when washing;
  • the postpartum period, when immunity is weakened.

In all these conditions, in 90% of cases, there are unwanted formations called papillomas and needing a medical complex.

Causes of the appearance of the virus in men

a man is upset by the appearance of papillomas on his body

Human papillomaviruses concentrate in certain areas of the skin and mucous membranes, change the structure of epithelial cells, resulting in the formation of warts.

The male population is not insured against the formation of this disease. Growths can occur for numerous reasons:

  • problems in the family or at work, constant stress;
  • chronic sexually transmitted diseases due to unprotected intercourse;
  • colds and infectious phenomena;
  • neglect of personal hygiene.

You can get infected in public places (sauna, bath, swimming pool, solarium), in hairdressers and beauty salons, where proper antiseptic treatment of instruments is neglected.

There is a risk of infection in dental surgeries as well if instruments are not properly sterilized. But the virus is not transmitted simply by communicating with an infected patient.

It is imperative to treat the formations in a timely manner so that their relapses and serious complications cannot appear.

Features of the therapeutic complex

If papillomas are formed due to progressive human papillomavirus (HPV), it is necessary to treat them, for this there are several groups of methods:

  • hardware therapy techniques (treatment with liquid nitrogen, laser, radio waves, electric current);
  • drug treatment (the use of special cauterizing drugs to eliminate growths);
  • folk remedies that have such an effect that papillomas are eliminated by themselves and cannot appear again (celandine, onions, garlic, vinegar).

An important role is played by preventive measures to ensure that education does not appear again.