How to get rid of papillomas on the skin at home

Questions about how to remove papillomas at home are of interest to men and women who have found viral rashes on their bodies. Wanting to enhance the effect of traditional therapy, they resort to the help of time-tested traditional methods. Experts allow the use of home remedies, but on condition that in parallel with them, the patient is undergoing drug and physiotherapy treatment.

The Right Approach to Home Treatment

human papillomavirus infection routes

Removal of viral papillomas at home can be done by absolutely anyone who has them. Before starting such treatment, it is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor. He must find out the nature of the neoplasm and its good quality. Also, the doctor will tell you the most successful ways of non-traditional treatment of papillomas, which have a positive result and do not harm health.

It is pointless to fight the HPV virus during the treatment of rashes at home using only traditional methods. They will really help to remove the visible manifestations of the disease. But the pathogen will continue to be inside the body and will periodically provoke the appearance of new growths on the body. Therefore, an integrated approach to combating a viral infection, which cannot be completely eliminated, will be required.

Removing papillomas on the skin does not eliminate their cause - the human papillomavirus.

Basic rules of treatment

To understand how to get rid of unpleasant papillomas at home, you must first familiarize yourself with the rules for conducting therapy. Thanks to them, the risk of making a gross error in the treatment process, which can have disastrous consequences for health, is minimized.

Patients who are interested in how to remove papilloma on the face or body at home should know the following rules:

  1. Getting rid of papillomas at home by cutting them off is unacceptable. It is forbidden to remove the growths by yourself using cutting objects. This leads to severe bleeding. It is possible that in place of the torn off papilloma, new ones will grow in greater numbers;
  2. Home removal of neoplasms is not suitable in cases where they appear on the eyelid or mucous membrane of any other place on the body;
  3. Before starting to burn out a problematic growth, you need to protect healthy areas of the skin from negative effects. An ordinary plaster helps to cope with this task, which needs to be stuck on the appropriate areas next to the papilloma;
  4. All questions about how to get rid of problem papillomas at home should be discussed with a doctor in advance in order to avoid serious mistakes and other troubles during treatment.

These rules are simple and straightforward. By adhering to them, you can count on a positive outcome of therapy at home.

Possible complications

A person who knows how to remove papillomas on the face and body at home should be familiar with the possible risks. Complications can arise with this treatment. They turn out to be:

ways to remove papillomas at home
  • Scarring where the papilloma was located;
  • The occurrence of burn injuries on healthy areas of the skin;
  • Infection of an open wound left after stopping a benign neoplasm;
  • The appearance of new neoplasms due to incomplete removal of the growth;
  • The beginning of bleeding from the wound;
  • Development of a malignant process in tissues that were adjacent to the papilloma.

Usually, such complications arise due to the fact that it was not possible to completely cure the papillomas on the skin at home. Such risks also exist when carrying out therapy in a clinic under the supervision of a specialist.

It should be remembered that a scar may remain at the site of papilloma removal.

Pharmacy products

A competent doctor, from whom a patient asked about how to cauterize a problem papilloma at home, may advise using special pharmaceutical products. They effectively fight against such benign neoplasms.

Pharmacy remedies for the treatment of viral papillomas are ideal for patients who do not want to bother making homemade medicines from natural products.

It is possible to remove papilloma and defeat the papillomavirus at home with the help of certain topical medications prescribed by a specialist.

How to remove papillomas with pharmaceutical remedies, will tell the doctor who recommended using them for treatment at home.

Folk recipes

A simple and budgetary way to remove papillomas on the body at home is to use folk remedies prepared according to recipes of alternative medicine. Their components are natural products that negatively affect the structure of neoplasms. With proper use, these funds give a good result, therefore, the treatment of papillomas with their help at home is successful.


Quite often, alternative medicine experts suggest burning out benign skin growths with a plant like celandine. Funds based on it can be purchased at any pharmacy. However, it is best to use natural herbs as they are considered more beneficial.

For the treatment of papillomas, you need celandine juice, which can be obtained by pressing fresh plant stems. It is recommended to apply the poisonous liquid in a few drops to the growth. On top of it, it is advisable to stick an adhesive plaster.

To remove fresh papilloma with celandine juice, the procedure must be carried out for up to 10 days. Older rashes are less treatable. Therefore, the course of therapy will take several weeks.

If you wish, you can prepare celandine for future use, so that later you will not have problems with finding it. This requires fresh stalks together with leaves to grind and pour olive oil. You need to adhere to a 1: 1 ratio of components. According to the rules, this mixture should be infused for a month. After that I use it to lubricate problematic growths on the body 1-3 times a day.


walnuts to remove papillomas

Green walnuts can quickly remove papillomas at home. They make a medicinal ointment. To prepare the product, you need:

  1. Take 2-3 green nuts and chop them;
  2. Pour the gruel with refined kerosene;
  3. Stir the mixture until smooth.

It is recommended to apply the finished ointment to the papilloma. From above it should be secured with polyethylene and a clean bandage. You can use a regular patch. The medicine must be kept on the body for about 30 minutes. It is advisable to repeat this procedure for at least 7-10 days in order to achieve a positive result.

Unripe walnuts are also used in traditional medicine to treat many other diseases.


To make a folk remedy, you will need a common ingredient found in every home. You will need to take a shell of 2 eggs. It's good if they are homemade.

The separated shells must be heated in the oven for 30 minutes at 250 degrees. After that, it should be chopped in a kitchen appliance designed for grinding food. As a result of these manipulations, you should get a powder.

The shell, crushed to a powdery state, must be applied to papillomas, and then secured with a cotton swab and sealed with adhesive plaster. It is recommended to change this dressing every 2 days. The therapy should be continued for 3 weeks.


Fighting benign growths with vinegar at home. To fight papillomas in this way, you must first prepare a medicine. This requires taking a small portion of vinegar and flour. From these components, you need to make a small ball. It is securely fixed on the surface of the viral neoplasm.

This recipe is best used to treat papillomas, which are in the plantar group.

removal of papillomas with vinegar

Dressings with vinegar and flour should be made within a month. If the desired result has not been achieved, then you will have to look for another remedy that will help eliminate the external signs of human papillomavirus infection.

A compress made from onion-vinegar gruel is effective. To prepare it, it will take about 30-40 minutes to hold the onion, which was previously cut, in table vinegar. It is recommended to put a compress before bedtime. It is advisable to repeat the procedure without interruption for 2-3 days.

Castor oil

This product is obtained from castor bean seeds. It is actively used in various fields, including cosmetology and medicine. Castor oil helps fight viral neoplasms on the skin due to the fact that it contains unique components that are distinguished by antiviral effect. In addition, these substances help cells to renew themselves faster, and to heal cracks and wounds.

Traditional medicine offers several options for using castor oil in the treatment of papillomas. We get rid of neoplasms at home in the following ways:

  • It is necessary to massage the product into the surface of the growth with massage movements. It is best to do this several times a day for quick results. Over time, the papilloma will begin to decrease in size. After it will completely disappear;
  • Castor oil should be applied dropwise to the viral rash, and then fixed with adhesive tape. It takes several hours to walk with such a compress. The procedure is carried out once a day.

Do not count on instant results using this popular method of treating papillomas. It will take more than one week for the first improvements to appear. But this method is still very good. It allows you to remove unpleasant rashes on the body without leaving scars or spots after them.


Potato juice helps to cope with the disease. It is recommended to be taken orally until significant improvements appear. Additionally, you can apply therapeutic compresses from grated root vegetables to the affected areas. An integrated approach will enhance the effect of the therapeutic course.


using garlic to remove papillomas

Garlic has long been known for its antiviral properties.

A cream is made from the cloves of a spicy plant, which is able to cauterize the papilloma. With this cauterizing agent at home, it is easy to get rid of a viral rash. You just need to know how to use it correctly.

To prepare the garlic composition, you must thoroughly mix 1 tsp. chopped plant cloves and 2 tbsp. l. baby cream. Just once a day, you will need to apply the mass to a clean bandage, and then apply it to the problem area on the body. The compress must be additionally fixed with an adhesive plaster, since it will have to be worn for 2-3 hours. Next, the skin is washed well in warm water. These procedures are recommended until the papillomas disappear.


A medicinal infusion is made from the plant, which is intended for wiping papillomas. It is prepared from a full jar of dandelion flowers and a triple cologne, which should be poured to the top of the container. The mixture should be infused for 2 weeks. After that, the growths are treated with it 4-5 times a day until they disappear completely.

There is another effective remedy for papillomas that contains dandelion. Apple juice and ammonia are also added to it. This mixture is intended for external treatment of papillomas.

Can papilloma be cut?

Interested in how to treat papillomas and whether it can be done at home, many patients believe that banal cutting of the growth is suitable for such purposes. But in no case should this be done, as this will result in very dire consequences.

Doctors forbid not only cutting off papillomas, but also starting their home treatment without determining the nature of the rash. It must be remembered that the removal of neoplasms with improvised means increases the likelihood of the degeneration of the remaining pathogenic cells into a malignant tumor.

There are situations when a person unintentionally injures a benign growth. In this case, you should not panic. It is very important to know what to do in order to protect your health from possible complications provoked by a torn papilloma. Doctors recommend adhering to the following scheme of actions:

  1. Treat the damaged area with an antiseptic solution;
  2. Cover the wound with a plaster;
  3. Go to an appointment with a specialist for advice and treatment.

In any case, papillomas should be examined by a specialist. He will offer the patient to undergo a series of tests to find out its good quality and other parameters that are required to select a treatment course. In the absence of serious problems, the doctor will allow the use of folk remedies. He will also tell you which topical pharmaceutical preparations to buy in order to speed up the process of destroying viral neoplasms.